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Election Results

02 Jan 2012 8:05 AM | Deleted user

Dear Working Time Society


It is our pleasure to announce the results of the special Working Time Society election for the three open Director positions. As background, all of our 227 WTS members were invited to participate in the election through the automated system. Of that total number, 69 members (30%) participated. It is also important to note that there was a tie for one of the three board positions. Upon consulting the by-laws and the President of the WTS it was decided that this position would be split – each of the two will hold a half a vote and be half co-opted by the President.


The new Directors are:


Adam Fletcher


Masaya Takahashi


Sampsa PUttonen (1/2)


Imelda Wong (1/2)


Please join us in congratulating our newest Board members, completing the slate for 2012.


Have a happy and health new year – 2012!


Frida Fischer (President)

Stephen Popkin (Secretary)

Johannes Gärtner (Treasurer)

Working Time Society - Internationale Gesellschaft für Arbeitszeit

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