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16 Aug 2011 5:20 AM | Deleted user
Imelda Wong was awarded Best Presentation by a Young Researcher at the Stockholm Conference this year. In this guest blog post, she reflects on her participation with WTS and her experience at the conference. 

Imelda Wong, Trainee. 

Two years ago I attended my first Shiftwork and Working Time Symposium in Venice, Italy.  I had just started graduate school and was grateful that organizations such as the Working Time Society would provide funding for students like me to attend such a prestigious conference. Life as a student couldn’t get much better! After attending some very interesting research presentations and seeing how this group enjoyed working hard and playing hard, I knew I was hooked on pursuing shiftwork research.

For two years, following advice I received from a senior researcher I met in Venice to “do something big”, I buried myself in my dissertation. Even though this year was an incredibly busy time in my program, it was a priority for me to attend the Shiftwork and Working Time Symposium in Stockholm. I enjoyed reconnecting with people I had met n Venice and was happy to see many new faces including representatives from industry. I wonder if there could be a future opportunity to develop a collaborative arena for industry and academics to work together to identify new avenues of research?

As a new researcher, I was especially thankful for the trainee sessions for providing the opportunity to interact with others starting out in their careers and words of wisdom from those more experienced. I was encouraged by John Axelsson’s advice for us to support one another as young researchers and to speak to the senior researchers keeping in mind that they “are human and like to be flattered.” Thanks John – it brought things into perspective for me. It also gave me the courage to speak to those I have cited numerous times in my papers. And yes, they really are human, albeit incredibly bright ones.

This is, by far, my favorite conference because it makes everyone feel welcome. Thank you to the organizers for their fastidious organization, choice of beautiful venue and incredible food - this is a conference that never fails to deliver the best! The number of researchers in attendance and diversity of topics seems to be growing with each meeting. The caliber of presentations is impressive and I am honored to be a part of such distinguished company. But more importantly, the combination of senior researchers leading with humor and mentorship, and the camaraderie among this group inspires me to continue pushing the edge of our work. 

Imelda Wong

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