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2011 ICOH SC/WTS Officers and Board

02 May 2011 7:37 AM | Deleted user
Following from the elections at the end of last year, the new WTS Board took effect at the beginning of this year.

Please join Giovanni and the Elections Committee in welcoming Dr. Frida Fischer as our new President!

The 2011 ICOH SC/WTS Officers and Board:

President: Frida Fischer
Secretary: Stephen Popkin
Treasurer: Johannes Gärtner
Director 1: Drew Dawson
Director 2: Arne Lowden
Director 3: Claudia Moreno

The Elections Committee would also like to thank and congratulate Drs. Giovanni Costa and Sonia Hornberger for the time and effort they invested over the past years to keep WTS strong and moving forward.

All information about the current board can be found here. The information will be updated as information is received.
Working Time Society - Internationale Gesellschaft für Arbeitszeit

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